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Anna is an amazing coach and truly gifted at asking the questions to initiate the internal growth needed to succeed in life. She see’s what I am not seeing and through her sight and questions I gain clarity. This seems to be natural to her. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone seeking clarity and personal truth to work with Anna. She uses her gifts in a unique and wise way. 

Barbara Bassoul, New York.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Anna in a six month coaching process via Skype. Anna has a great ability to listen. During our coaching sessions I felt always very comfortable and by the end of each one of them I was always left with a great positive feeling.The first thing we worked on was my ability to analyze in depth the different aspects of my life. I learned to more clearly identify my preferences and priorities in life as well aspossible ways of improvement. During the coaching process, the questions and suggestions that Anna had were essential to guide me through and allow me to look at things in detail and from different perspectives.As a result of my coaching process with Anna, I feel that I have experienced personal growth, and have won self-knowledge and security. I have also achieved several goals and learned about tools and exercises that I will keep using on my own. "



"Anna is brilliant at providing a safe space from which there is no right or wrong. In our sessions I feel completely at ease to discuss anything, which in turn provides an amazing ground from which to move forward. She shows up to each session with honesty and courage, she isn't afraid to challenge me and opens my eyes to future possibilities I may not have considered before. She is a natural, warm and caring coach and I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to achieve big things in their lives." 

Jenny Wade, Scotland.